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Kayo Nishimizu

Kayo Nishimizu


Kayo Nishimizu is a Japanese national who has lived in Poland since 1987. Starting in 2004 Kayo commenced a series of concerts titled "Complete Works of Fryderyk Chopin". These concerts were performed annually on the anniversaries of Chopin’s birth and death (1 st March and 17 th October respectively). All of Chopin’s works for solo piano had been performed by Kayo Nishimizu by October 2009. In subsequent performances Kayo has delighted audiences with less well known Chopin works, such as, songs and the composer’s chamber music. Kayo has also performed with orchestra performing Chopin’s Piano Concertos in F minor and E minor.

In 2005 Kayo, with her performance of the “Complete Works of Fryderyk Chopin” concert series being highlighted, added the Pruszków Mayor Award “Urbs Nova” to her many achievements.

Since 2010 Kayo has been deeply involved in promoting, in young people, the needs of listening to and understanding of classical music, along with the development of musical culture. She has achieved this through a series of successful school lectures in which she combines music with narrative and multimedia presentations.)
Kayo Nishimizu continues to work on her album series - “Chopin’s Music & Stories”. The series commenced in November 2012 with the release of the first record entitled “Poland – love and grief”.

This was followed by:

  • the second record, “24 Preludes – the world of imagination” in April 2013,

  • the third, “The dances – fun and nostalgia” in September 2013,

  • the fourth “Improvisations – variations – fantasies” in May 2014,

  • the “ZERO” “Why do the Japanese people love Chopin so much?” in September 2014,

  • the fifth “24 Etudes – philosophy of Chopin” in April 2015 and the sixth “Sonatas – time and form” in October 2018.

Kayo organizes and participates in numerous concerts and cultural events. Always aiming to promote the interest in and love of the arts as well as using her art to help achieve greater cultural integration and understanding. Kayo not only performs as a pianist but educates using the piano and acts as a teacher and translator of the Japanese language.

All this and she still finds time to raise four children.


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Kayo Nishimizu


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Kayo Nishimizu


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Kayo Nishimizu

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Concert program


  • Prelude in c-sharp minor op. 45
  • Nocturne in c minor op. 48 no. 1

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  • Tarantella in A-flat major op. 43
  • Ballade in A-flat major op. 47
  • Polonaise in A-flat major op. 53
  • Fantasie in f minor op. 49 


Please note that the concert program is subject to change