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Krzysztof Wierciński was born on February 22nd, 2003 in Warsaw. Krzysztof’s music educagon
started at the age of 7, and from the age of 8 he began to acgvely pargcipate in compeggons
and winning various awards. In 2019, he began studying in
the piano class of Prof. Joanna Ławrynowicz-Just at the Complex of State Music Schools No. 1 in
His work resulted in many awards at nagonal and internagonal compeggons
piano compeggon: at the 1st Internagonal 5th Nagonal Piano Compeggon
Chopinowski in Turzno (1st place and a special prize in the form of a concert at Carnegie
Hall, 2019), at the 5th Internagonal Subcarpathian Chopin Piano Compeggon
in Rzeszów (1st place and invitagon to pargcipate in Music Meegngs – Workshops
Pianists for Laureates of Nagonal Compeggons and Outstanding Students
Secondary Music Schools in Gdańsk, 2019), at the 8th Internagonal Compeggon
Pianistyczny im. Maurycy Moszkowski “Per aspera ad astra” (3rd prize, 2019), at
XIX Internagonal Music Compeggon Juliusz Zarębski in Łomianki,
Zielonkach-Parceli, Warsaw (1st prize in Category D, 2019). In February 2020, Krzysztof
won 2nd prize and a Diploma for Argstry and Inspiragon at the 13th Internagonal Compeggon
Chopin in Narva. In October of the same year, Krzysztof was featured on the
The Internagonal “Jeune Chopin” Piano Compeggon in Marggny, Switzerland. The end of
2020 brought him the 1st place at the Internagonal Music Compeggon in Moscow
(20.12), 1st prize and Grand Prix of the 6th Internagonal Online Piano Compeggon in
Trzcianie (December 18-20) and was awarded the gtle of finalist in the ATMA Nagonal Compeggon of
Musical Individuals (December 15). His latest achievement is the 3rd Prize at the Young Euregio Piano
Award – Online Edigon (2021).
He has performed in various ciges in Poland and Europe, incl. at the Świętokrzyska Philharmonic
Oskar Kolberg in Kielce, at the Philharmonic in Tallinn in Estonia or at the Polish Embassy in
Vienna. He has performed many gmes at the Royal Castle in Warsaw and in Żelazowa Wola.
He was educated by outstanding argsts and teachers such as: Prof. Wojciech Świtała, Prof.
Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń, Prof. Janusz Olejniczak, Prof. Andrzej Jasiński, Prof. Aleksiej Orłowiecki,
Paweł Zawadzki and Prof. Elżbieta Stefańska.

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