Luxurious space, created for intimate concerts, banquets and business conferences

Business Conferences room at Fryderyk Concert Hall Warsaw

AN IDEAL PLACE for the implementation of all creative events.

“Fryderyk” meetings room is located beneath the Old Town walls at Podwale 15 Street. The property is also equipped with kitchen, two bathrooms and a cloakroom. The total area is 150 square meters.

Business Conferences equipment at Fryderyk Warsaw


Fryderyk is equipped with projector, sound system, microphone, blinds (completely obscuring) and air conditioning.

Crystal chandelier detail Business Conferences Warsaw


High ceiling decorated with plaster stuccoes, crystal chandeliers reflecting in huge mirrors and beautiful neoclassical décor.

Ghost chairs at Fryderyk Concert Hall Business Conferences Warsaw


Currently 80 chairs in theatrical arrangement (with room for up to 100 seats) and tables. Catering can be organised on-site, in the form of finger food with drinks.

Business Conferences Warsaw decorative interior of Fryderyk Concert Hall

For larger groups and alternate requests presto concert agency will deliver to the client’s specification.

Rental of a concert hall in Warsaw – an unique space in the centre of the capital

Concert meetings organized in the 19th century, which distinguished composers hosted, undoubtedly had magic that still affects the imagination. Today, many music enthusiasts are trying to recreate the atmosphere prevailing during events from those times. This is made possible by places such as the Fryderyk Concert Hall in Warsaw. The neoclassical interior of the hall reflects the times of Frederic Chopin’s performances. Its location is not accidental – near the house of the master and the location of his first concert – the Fryderyk Concert Hall is located at 15 Podwale Street, about 100 m from the Warsaw Market Square.


The best hall for concerts in Warsaw

Undoubtedly, finding concert venues for rent in Warsaw is not a problem today, because there are plenty of such facilities. However, not in every room do the sounds of musical geniuses fully resound. The Fryderyk Concert Hall is a place that certainly stands out on the map of Warsaw. A small, intimate, neoclassical room will impress everybody. Stylish stucco and crystal chandeliers make participants feel like they have moved in time. This allows you to enjoy the music more fully.

Rental of the Fryderyk Concert Hall is available to everyone today, and participation in a concert organized there is an unforgettable event. It is also worth mentioning that renting the hall for concerts is not the only way to use this unique space. Conferences, training sessions and other creative events are also held here. The unique atmosphere of the interior is certainly conducive to focus during these events.


The highest quality of sound – a Steinway concert grand piano

Rental of the Fryderyk Concert Hall also gives the opportunity to organize a performance using the highest quality musical equipment. A Steinway concert grand piano has recently appeared in the concert hall. Certainly, no lover of classical music needs to be introduced to the brand of the most famous piano manufacturer in the world.

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